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BeachGal Posted: Tue, Mar 5 2013 11:36 PM

...scrapping at night is, it wakes up my brain and then the ideas keep swirling, and then I can't sleep!

the past 2 nights I've brought some stuff to work on in the family room while we watch TV. I've finished a LO each night, but wind up staying up later because I have to let my brain relax!

thise that scrap at do you do it?? LOL

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Laurie replied on Wed, Mar 6 2013 3:45 AM

Pretty much the same way ............I don't sleep too well........keep thinking of the next LO - LOL!





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Night is the only time I get to scrap, a lot, so it does not bother me.  I will spend the day thinking about scrappy and on.




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Funny thing......I usually scrap at night.  However, when my head hits the pillow I rarely have problems falling asleep!  Guess my brain just isn't too active. 

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I tend to have this problem too.  Even when I'm not scrapping at night.  Stick out tongue

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I tend to be a night scrapper too. I have to give myself a scrap curfew or I will stay up to late.Once my head hits the pillow I generally crash.


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I can scrap just about any time.  It doesn't matter when I scrap, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with an idea, art or scrap, so I keep a notebook in the bedside table and just write the idea down and sketch it out then go back to sleep. Usually, I don't even need to go back to my notes, just the act of writing it down and sketching it out helps me to remember AND allows me to go back to sleep.





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allimci replied on Wed, Mar 6 2013 12:00 PM

I can't scrap at night because if I do my mind and body says to stay awake. I work the night shift on the weekends and definitely do NOT want to stay up during the week! I scrap when the kids are at school or plan a layout while I am at work to keep awake.



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I had that problem last night!  I started working on a LO and I had a hard time turning off my brain when i went to bed.  I ended up watching mindless tv for a bit.  It didn't used to be so bad when i didn't have to get up with girls in highschool.  Oh, the days of grade school kids only!  LOL


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When I scrap at night, I have to read before I go to bed so I can think about the plot of the book instead of plotting my next layout! Wink


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