Photo transfers: Water slide, heat, and liquid medium

If you've been itching to transfer a special photo to a unique surface in order to give it a certain texture, check out our basic instructions for three popular methods.


Photo Transfer Using Inkjet Transfer Paper

Use this technique for fabric, canvas, chipboard, and other flat materials that can be ironed.

1. Print your photo on transfer paper following manufacturer's recommendations.

2. Trim the photo, leaving a thin margin and rounding the corners to prevent the image from lifting up after it's transferred to the fabric.

3. Place the photo face-down on your fabric and iron according to manufacturer's recommendations.

4. Carefully peel back the liner sheet to reveal your transferred photo.

Photo by Joannie McBride. Supplies: Transfer paper: Transfer Magic; Canvas: Ranger Industries.


Photo Transfer Using Water Slide Transfer Paper

Use this technique for most surfaces, including glass, wood, metal, and more.

1. After laser printing your photo on transfer paper, trim your image as desired.

2. Place printed photo in water and prepare surface as directed, following manufacturer's instructions.

3. Image will separate from the paper. Gently lift the image and position it on your surface.

4. Smooth out the image and allow it to dry.

Photo by Amber Ellis. Supplies: Transfer paper: Diamond Tech; Canvas: Ranger Industries.


Photo Transfer Using Transfer Medium

This technique works well with color copies, laser jet prints, and magazine images. Use it on a variety of surfaces including paper, fabric, leather, wood, and more.

1. Brush three coats of gel directly on your print, allowing it to dry between layers. Apply the first coat horizontally, the second coat vertically, and the third coat diagonally.

2. Soak print in water, according to manufacturer's instructions.

3. Remove print from water set it face down. Peel and roll away the paper from the back of the print.  

4. Use a lint-free towel to clean off the rest of the paper. Let dry.

5. Brush gel on back of print, using it as a glue to attach it to your surface.

6. Smooth out the image and allow it to dry.

Photo by Lori Fairbanks. Supplies: Liquid transfer medium: Mona Lisa Products; Canvas: Ranger Industries.


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--Lori Fairbanks

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