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Over Being Sick......

Well, I'm officially almost through day 2 of being a stay-at-home mum on my own since my husband went back to work yesterday after having the past 3 weeks off with me since the birth of our new bub (Adam).

I must admit it hasn't been too bad being on my own, I was a little scared at first but our little man Adam has been pretty accommodating by sleeping for pretty much the majority of the day and only being awake for his feeds and some small play time. His worst time when we just cannot do anything to settle him seems to happen from about 6pm at night so my husband (Scott) still gets to experience this wonderful part of the day, while I get the good boy during the day.

The only problem has been that I have picked up a cold from somewhere and have been feeling awful for the past few days. Scott and I both got the hepatitis, whooping cough and tetanus vaccination done last Wednesday and I had the worst reaction to the injection while he didn't have any. My arm developed a bright red, hard lump at the injection site, I got the worst body aches and overall felt like I'd been hit by a truck!! Then, just when that was starting to wear off I get this damn cold. I just can't win!

Oh well, hopefully I'll start to feel better soon so I can actually enjoy being at home and be bothered to do the many things I want to do while I have the chance and am not at work.

Now I just need to decide on the next photo and scrapbook layout I want to start once I have the energy to move from the lounge and actually get out of my pj's :-)


Trying something new.......

I'm a total newbie when it comes to this whole blogging thing but figure I might give it a go now that I've started a whole new chapter in my life.

My husband and I have just welcomed out first child into our life on the 14th March 2011. We had a beautiful healthy boy weighing 3.1kgs and measuring in at 48cms long who we named Adam.

This means I am now officially on maternity leave for most likely 6 months and now need to start to learn how to 'not work'. This is harder than it sounds considering I have not had any longer than two weeks off in a year since I started working full time as an Accountant from when I was 19 years old. Being that I am now 31 that is a lot of years working without much of a break and it's amazing how much of an adjustment it has been for me to actually be home on a daily basis and not have the responsibility of going to work every day. Slowly I am getting used to the idea but the big test will be from next week when my husband goes back to work and I'll be left at home on my own every day with just me and our little son.

To combat my boredom (I officially stopped working two weeks prior to the birth) I have started taking up scrapbooking and cardmaking with gusto! I started scrapbooking mid last year as a small hobby as I wanted to make something special out of our wedding photos and all the photos I've accumulated over the years of our fur kids and other special events. I never thought at the time that it would prove to be as addictive as it has been and now every time I have a spare minute I am constantly trying to think of new ideas for layouts and possible photo opportunities. Especially since having our son. It's amazing how many photos you can take of a newborn!

Unfortunately I am now suffering from a big case of being 'too overwhelmed'. I have so many photos and ideas that I want to eventually do and now just don't know where to start. I'm thinking possibly just starting from my oldest photos first and scrapping everything in chronological order, otherwise I can see myself just getting lost and not getting anywhere constructive, which has pretty much been my story for the past couple of weeks. I seem to be doing a lot of thinking, but not much action, so need to start utilising my time more effectively and just do it.

Anyway, I guess starting this blog is just another way I can procrastinate whenever I have a bit of 'scrappers block' to try and nudge my ideas along. Or, as a minimum it will give me a chance to vent my frustrations or possibly give me some inspiration for new projects. After all, I now have 6 months to fill (in between sleeps and feeds that is Big Smile