I've recently purchased My Memories Suite and now I'm trying to wait patiently Wink while it comes in the mail. Are there others @ club CK that use My Memories Suite?

For Christmas this year we were suppose to make a gift for each family, nothing expensive, more to get the kds involved. So I "lifted" this idea from a friend. My boys helped fill them with little treats and nuts.

These are fun and easy gift baskets or bags that can be decorated for any party. Use a 12 x12 sheet of heavy paper or cardstock, score and fold 4 inches in from each side and the top and bottom (it should now look like a tic-tac game board). Mark and fold (the opposite way) the 4 corners with a diagonal line from the inside bottom corner to the outside top corner. Now punch a hole in all 4 outside corners that now meet in the middle and thread with a ribbon.

OK I'm going to give this a try. I'm totally new on this site and I'm trying to get the hang of everything. I check out the gallery and even posted my new Christmas Card for 2010. Now I'm playing with my blog. I hope this works. Smile