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  • Greatest thing I am doing right now is being a Group Leader for the Women of Faith Conference in St. Paul, MN. God has done great things in my life, and will continue to do so.


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Hello again,

I am so excited to be taking a group to WOF once again. 

Dates are October 19-29, 2012

For more details if you are interested, contact me via this blog.

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September 16-18, 2011 is Scrapfest this year.  Only a little over a week away.

Are you going????  Why not???  You don't know what you are missing.  I have met people from the east coast and the west coast, Canada.  They come from everywhere to learn new techniques and have fun papercrafting with other scrappers and card makers.

Hope to see you there.


I had a wonderful 3 days of fun and excitement.  thousands of people all there with just one thing in common with me.............papercrafting in all sorts of ways.  I enjoyed using the Sizzix Texture Boutique Purse shaped embosser to make a card.  I have since ordered one and it is due here today.  My birthday gift to myself.  I plan to make lots of cards and then see if some of the stores in town will sell them for me.

I live in a town of about 1800 people and I worked at DCC Solutions.  On Wednesday, September 29, 2010 it burnt to the ground and so did the store next door, Once and Again thift store.  Radio Shack was next in line and received extensive damage, but will eventually be able to reopen.  DCC employed  around 90 people and for a small town that is a big hit.  The town is putting together several fund raises to help us out till we find employment.  The company owners have said they will not be reopening in another location in the near future, if that hurts me terribly hard as I am now 58 and not going to find employment easliy.  Pray for me please.

I will be busy filling our applications and also making cards and scrapping away.

If you didn't make it to Scrapfest,,,,,,this is a loss.

BUT this loss can be remedied........................go in 2011



If you are going to go to Scrapfest at the Mall of America in September you need to get your badge and start signing up for the classes TODAY.  is where all the information is.  The badge allows you access to the vendors make and takes and to buy product in the HOT SPOT area in the Rotundra.  Total badge price is $22.06.  All the classes are listed and you can start to sign up for them toward the end of the month.  CHECK THEM OUT AND MAKE YOUR LIST, so when they go on sale you can be first to get them and not miss out.  Read all the details today and make your plans.

To those of you who I have already heard from, if you want to meet me there, I will try to pick a place for the meeting and a time and then we can sit and visit over a coffee or other beverage of choice.  What do you say?  shall we unite?


I am needing help deciding which die cutting machine to get.  I have the very first, Sizzix machine and the alphabet and several dies.  I want to be able to do lots of cutting, but not with extra expense for dies, so I am leaning towards the SilhouetteSD.   If you have a favorite let me know which one and why so maybe I can decide.  I do have 2 computers and a printer.

StormUmbrella Hello again,

It has been wet and thundering here for a couple days now.  We need this million dollar rain for the farmers, but I am ready to dry out for a bit so I can see the sun for a few days. 

I have been waiting almost a year for Scrapfest 2010 to come around.  It has been a fast year, but I am surprised how excited I am that it will soon be here.  I have heard from a few people who have been  there before or some who want to go for the first time.  Let me tell you, my first year I was in AWE.  I couldn't believe how huge this event is.  I mean,  we took over the Mall of America and made it ours!! WOO!! HOO!!  GO SCRAPPERS

I think we need to have a certain place for all of us Club CK members can meet and share a coffee while we share scrap ideas.  What do you say?  Danielle, Kris, and the rest of you,  are you with me on this?  I am planning on being at the Rotundra in the Mall Of America by 9:00 am on Friday morning, September 17, to get registered.  Once I get the map of Vendors  I plan my day starting with favorite Vendors first.  I won't know till I see the list of classes if there are any I want to go to this year.  Keep watching Archivers website for details about Scrapfest.


to Kris

to Bridget

I want to answer both of you, but I can't get into your comment to reply.  I will try to reply to both of you here, and to anyone else who wants this information.

Archivers is the sponsor for this wonderful event.  Archivers website is the place for information.  I found it on the left side toolbar under events.  Click on the tag for Scrapfest and start from there.  Right now I think they would only have the dates on the site.  They eventually will have all the details, including all the classes and the names of all the vendors.  I always buy the Badge and then start planning my strategy as to what classes, if any I want to take.  The badge price is about $15 if I remember right.  The classes are between $18 and $22.  ALL of the vendors have  free make and takes for you.   Some have different ones for each day, so you could go to the same vendor on different days and get a different project.  You stand in lines for those, so if you can't stand long periods of time, think about a folding stool or something that might work for you.  I purchased a cart that has a fold down seat, but it broke already.  I was at the top of the weight limit and I am sure that is why it broke.  

When the information becomes available on the Archivers website sometime this summer, they have a tab where you can go in and sign up.  They will list all the information as it gets finalized for the event. 

I hope you will be as excited as I am.  It is an AWESOME great time.

any more questions, let me know.  Danielle is going again this year as well.  Maybe we could all meet someplace and have a party.  Oh for the fun of scrapping!!

Scrap on,



I went to my closest Scrapbook store on Saturday.  I needed a getaway and they were doing a Sensational Saturday Fun Day.  They had people giving a hand scrub, their was food for sampling and prizes to win and youj could get a 5 minute massage etc.

I bought some nice papers from Fancy Pants Designs, Inc.  They are from the Christmas Magic line.  I have an idea for my Christmas Cards already. I usually find the papers in spring to early summer that I can't seem to be without for my Christmas cards.  This gives me plenty of time to try out a couple different ideas.  I can always change my mind and head back to the store to find other papers.   Going to a scrapbook store is not a hardship.  


I am planning on attending this wonderful event again this year.  If anyone has gone to Scrapfest at the Mall of America in Minnesota, please let me know.  Maybe we can meet up and make some memories on how to display our memories.  The dates for this year are September 17-19, 2010.  Archivers is the main sponsor for this Scrapfest.  They are my favorite scrapbook store.

Love to hear from you all. 

I am living in a small midwestern town with now scrapbooking store.  I really miss having access to a store or 2 in my town.  \

There is a wonderful store an hour away in Watertown, SD, Scrapbook Creations.  I would love to have someone within a few miles

to scrap with.  If anyone know of someone around Ortonville, MN who wants a scrap partner, let me know.


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I want to tell you all about a most AMAZING class I  took at my favorite Scrapbook store in Rochester, MN.  It is called V.I.P. (Very Impressive Papers)

This class was called the Window Pane Class.  I have attached an image to my blog, check it out.  Mine window pane project has 9 panes.  It tells everyone who I am.  I started with my birth and went right on through  2008.  I have never had so much fun.  As I worked on it, customers kept coming over to see what we were doing and the instructors always guided them my way to check out my braids and all my Girl Scout things etc that my Mom and I had saved over the years.  I have plenty more items, so I am sure I could do at least 1 more 9 pane window. 

If you have read my blog, you know that I am helping my Mom out.  I am confined to one small room for me.  So my space is quite crowded.  I haven't hung the pane yet as it is quite heavy and large. Plus I am not sure which wall to take up with it. First I need to repaint the room.  It was last painted ORANGE by my sister and it isn't my color. 

Enjoy the journey........................of your life remembered

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I have moved back home to help out my Mom, 88 years old.  I am back in my old room.  Not only do I have to sleep in there this is also my scrapbook/craft room.

I haven't gotten it all set up yet.  When I have worked on projects, I  brought  everything downstairs and worked on the dining room table.  When living with someone

else you have to take them into consideration.  Which for me is to clear the table off for every meal.  I really need suggestions on how to easily set up my room to

accomodate everything in a compact way, yet easy accessability.  I have LOTS of products and that means that I cannot have everything out on the table.