It has been a long time since I last wrote.  I guess I am not proving to be such an avid proponent of blogs after all.  I was afraid it would be too difficult to keep up and I was right.  And now, I have just entered the most busy stage of work, so i doubt I'll be online a lot.  But it is still fun to look at the galleries and the work that so many talented ladies are doing.  Keep it up friends!

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Wow, it sure has been a long time since I've written.  I just realized that until just a few minutes ago, I still had a winter theme up for my blog background, and now it is April!  Yay!  No more snow!  I only like snow in pictures and on tv and on some scrapping papers. 

So now I am in my busy season at church, so I may not write much either.  But I did finally want to upload a pic of the 3D print collage I did for my friends who have left town!  I did give it to them before they left.  I know they liked it and appreciated it.  It took me about 33 hours to complete (not all in a row, but over a 2-week time period) and almost all the pieces for the collage were cut from the My Community and Locker Room cartridges and I used my Cricut.  I can't figure out how to upload numerous pics so you could see the progress as I did it.  But at least you see the end result.

The frame and mat came from Michaels.

I'm real happy with the results. 

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Well, I've been working almost non-stop on my "project"- the one where I am putting together a collage of paper pieces that resemble buildings and places of interest of some friends of ours, and then framing it all, as a reminder of their years here in Newark!  It is almost done.  I should have been taking pictures all along, but didn't because I was doing all this, hours and hours, during my personal time away from my Children's Pastors job and from sports or other events with my family! 

I hope to start putting the collage down with tape today, tho I have a few mini items to Cricut still.  But I took today off from work because I leave for a 3-day camp tomorrow with the kids from church, so my weekend is gone before it even began!

So I will try to take pics today.  The kids are at school, the husband is at work, and the doggies, including the puppy, are napping.  I feel a whole lot of scrappin coming on today!!

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We have a couple at church who will be moving from Newark to Louisiana in the next couple of weeks and they will be greatly missed.  They are the kind of people that just do what needs to be done, and have worked diligently in many ministries since they moved here 17 years ago.  Our Pastor, knowing my love of scrapping, asked me if there was any way I could come up with a personalized LO for them of their time here in Newark.  So I am a woman on a mission.  I am using my Cricut to cut out MY Community houses and places of business, and making a very personal little town for them of their favorite digs here!  I will post when done.  I only just began 2 days ago by buying the 10 X 20 frame! 

I'm off to work!

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Today was the basketball playoffs for my son's city league team.  He played his little heart out, but sadly, his team lost 23-37.  He mad 9 of the 23 points and had 11 rebounds, one steal.  This year's team was very young and very small.  They had big hearts, but were very outmatched against other teams with much taller players and with teams that were used to playing with their own teammates.  We had only 3 returning players, with my son being the oldest.  Nonetheless, I was very, very pleased with the opportunity that Elliott had to grow as a player and to take the leadership spot on the team.  The coach was very complimentary of him! 

In just a little while, we will be heading to West Chester, PA for my daughter's league lacrosse game.  This may or may not be the final game!  We've had so many cancellations due to the storms that we are very late now in finishing up the winter season and she's getting close to starting her school LAX practices, which are everyday after school, so she can't do both!  We shall see. 

I'm tickled both my kids are athletic and social--I've worked hard to encourage that in them because I didn't have those opportunities growing up and they do!  I am planning on doing some awesome LOs of both their sports later this year.  Once I finish the final LO of my goldie that just died, and the first one of the Newfoundland puppy we have who is a load of fun and WORK!  She keeps us all busy now!  But has brought so much joy into our lives, I frankly can't imagine not having her now.  I fought it at first, but I am delighted to be a mommy of a puppy again!

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Just wanted to add a picture of the "baby" of our house. 

The one on the left is my three month old Newfoundland puppy.  The one on the right is my lemon and white 6 1/2 year old Beagle.  As you can see, the puppy is already bigger then the full grown, and overweight Beagle!  This picture was taken when Mocha, the puppy had only been home for 5 days.  She's now been home for almost 3 weeks and has already gained 9 pounds and is bigger the the Beagle!  They are not best friends yet either. 

But the housebreaking is working and she's starting to learn her name.  Now if we could just fast forward beyond the teething stage!

I hope you all don't get mad that I'm not blogging strictly about scrapping stuff.  But this is a big part of my life right now and my family are part of my scrapping projects, so there you have it!  Now that adding this pic was not so difficult, I will try adding some of my past projects.

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So there is one silver lining in all this snow--I am snowed in!  Plus I can see exactly where the puppy does her business!

Last night, at about 11:00 pm. I officially finished my little album.  I will try to figure out how to post it later.  Right now, I must make a scrumptious belguim waffle and eggs and bacon breakfast for the fam as my DH is out shovelling already and we are not even in the middle of the storm yet.  It's bad out there.  I pray our power doesn't go out!  My oven is electric so I must hurry to cook--it might be our last warm meal for a while!

Oh, and I actually brought a bunch of work home yesterday that really does need to get done before Sunday.  I will need my laptop for all that, so I really pray we don't lose power!

More later!

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Well, it's supposed to start anytime now, another 12-18 inches of the white fluffy stuff.  Not too excited about that!  However, my boss essentially gave me tomorrow off, so I will be able to stay home and finish my mini-album dedicated to my Golden Retriever, who died on 12/23/09.  She left such a big hole in my heart.  I start crying a lot as I've sorted through the pictures of her for the album.  And some of the pics are of things she did for the "last time" that I didn't know would be the last time!  It's been helpful for my grieving to work on this album.  I might post it when I am done but I've never posted any of my work, so I don't know.

In other news, the puppy my DH insisted we get, "to fill the void left by Jazzy," is a doll.  She is a 3 month old Newfoundland and is quite bright and happy and BIG!  She's bigger than my Beagle, and only 3 months old.  We've had her for 2 weeks.  She's gained 9 pounds in these two weeks.  Today, she learned how to walk upstairs!  That is significant because now she can go to the second level of our house, and presumably down to the basement, where I have my studio.  So now life will get interesting.  She is crated when we are at work and school, but when we are home, she has liberty.  We do have to watch her constantly because of her biting.  She's chewing on everything. 

I will have to post pics of her soon.  She LOVES the snow, so she is having a field day out there during all this bad weather--I guess having her is the silver lining to our nasty winter!  I'm learning to love her a lot!

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It looks like about 24 inches have fallen--the most ever for us in DE.  I am enjoying the day by checking my scrap sites, checking FB for friends statuses, playing with puppy, and doing some scrapping. 

Though I am ready for Kidz Church tomorrow, I really hate driving in the snow.  So I hope they cancel--just cuz I'm lazy about driving in it!  Not cuz I don't want to go to church.  It will be a fun service if we do have it.  But I bet tons of people will not go because it will be very hard to get out of their neighborhoods.  Our plows have already been by a few times, but our driveway is untouched and we are not looking forward to digging out.  And it hasn't stopped snow yet!

Can't wait till Spring!

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Wow!  I've never had my very own blog before! 

Don't know if I can live up to the standards of so many others who've been blogging for a long time.

I am actually just trying this out because it is my first full day in Club CK and I am going through ALL its member features and benefits today.  I joined the Club yesterday, but didn't have much time to play.

Today is my day off and after dropping the kids off at school, running into the office for just 2 hours to tie up some loose ends for Sunday, then running to the grocery store for some comfort foods before the coming storm, I came home to play with my two puppies and to spend the day visiting my scrapping sites online!  So today is a perfect day to try out this blog and to see where life takes me for at least the next year (I say that because my Club CK membership is for one year!).

So, with this said and done, I will now sign off or log off or end this day's journaling and continue exploring the numerous features of this new club.  I noticed that there is a new font to download too, so have to do that soon. 

Oh, I will also go down to my studio today to play with some paper and glue and continue my mini album dedicated to my Goldie who died just 2 days before Christmas '09!  We've since added a Newfoundland puppy to our household, so my scrapping time has been severely limited--she's only a puppy for so long, so I want to spend lots of time with her and make some good memories so I can scrap later . . . . hopefully not much later!  Oh and we still have our very spoiled Beagle, who is quite unhappy about Mocha's arrival!


I am madly in love with scrapbooking because it gives me a chance to be creative and I never knew I was till now!  It is so much fun to create LOs of wonderful memories!

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