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This has been a very trying week for our family.  Quest lost his cousin in a drowning accident and also his friend's mother.  Three weeks ago, he lost his Pappaw. In the last month he has had to attend 3 funerals.  This was especially difficult for me to watch because there was just no way to comfort him except to be there for him.  As a parent, you just want to take the pain away.

On a much lighter note, we got a new puppy.  His name is Sumo, or Mo for short.  He is an English Bulldog.  He has already stolen our hearts and he made my son smile just enough for me to know that he would make it through this week.

Working on the Paper Bag Swap.  This is my thing.  I LOVE paper bag albums.  I mailed out my baddies.  I have my ribbon ready to go out Monday.  I also love ribbon, so this was a great swap for me also. 

Off to get something scrappy done...hopefully.

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So, here it is...the long awaited 2nd installment of kara's blog...too funny, huh?  So as far as the cranking out pages, I have not been as successful as I would like.  I have gotten several done and a really cute mini paperbag album that I am so very proud of.  I have met an uber hyper friend on the MB and we talk quite a bit.  She has awakened my curiosity in my craft again and I am on the ball.  We will see what the rest of this week brings.  Kids are out of school, husband is away at work, we built a barn and a pig pen last weekend.  Now, it is time for ME!!!  Updates soon guys!!!!

This is my first blog post..EVER.  I really want this so bad.  I wan tto be back where I was 6 years ago.  I want to be back to being able to sit down and crank out pages that I am proud of every day, not just one a month or one a year.I have rearranged and organized.  My husband is so supportive of my scrapbooking and I want to be able to show him what I have inside my head. (He wasn't here for those all night crops and tons of pages in a weekend.) So, all that being said, this blog may help me to get out there and realease some pent up energy and get the juices flowing. I will do anyting at this point to get caught up on the last 6 years of photos.

These are photos of parts of my little nook that I have to scrap in.  Sorry for the mess, organizing is not my forte.

Posted by babyboers | 11 comment(s)