Welcome to the Club CK Community

We are so happy you've joined us!


Welcome to Club CK!

I'm Nicole Larkin, the Club CK social director. On behalf of our entire Club CK team, I want to let you know we're thrilled to have you here!

Club CK is full of robust features, and we want to help you participate in the fun as quickly and easily as possible. Please check out our Getting Started on Club CK articles. They will walk you through the basics of:

  • Setting up your profile, blog, and gallery
  • Posting in the forums
  • Uploading your layouts or other projects
  • Making and accepting friend requests

As you start to explore Club CK, you may have specific questions or comments. Our team has set up forums specifically for your feedback. Be sure to check them out through these links:

  • For questions or comments about navigating through the community site, please post in the Club CK Community Forum.
  • For questions or comments about Club CK premium membership, please post in the Club CK Premium Forum.
  • If you receive any error messages or otherwise note a technical problem, please post in the Reporting Forum.

You can also visit the FAQ or Help section if you're not finding an answer to your question. You can bet our team will be monitoring these boards very closely over the next several weeks while the site is in its beta launch. If we see a question that continues to be posted, we'll add it to the FAQ. Likewise, if we see a technical issue continue to emerge, our technical support team will communicate to the community what we're doing to address it.

Of course, for posting all your scrapbooking inspiration or getting to know other scrapbookers, you can also hop on our Scrapbooking and NSBR (non-scrapbooking-related) forums. And don't miss the amazing images in our project gallery. Plus, each week you'll find a wide array of happenings on this site. Check them out on our CK Community blog.

Enjoy the site, and please let our team know what you think by posting your comments in the Club CK Community Forum.

I can't wait to get to know you and to see your projects!

See you in the club!


Getting Started on Club CK

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