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wooo hooo supplys!!!

well yesterday hubby went to the gun store and bought a 100$ worth of bullets. when he was supose to be at the vet with our doggy cause some how he ripped his nail off. he was bleeding so i made him rush him in and make sure he was ok . while i made sure our son got off the bus ok. but any ways he came home with this huge sack of bullets and i said oh whats this and he said well i wanna go try out my one year of recovery present i got him a 12 gadge shot gun. every one was like thats all he needs but hey i married a grunt lol. so long story short i was giving him a hard time of this costco sized box of shotgun shells. so i told him so this means i can spend a hundred bucks on what ever i want right???? he was like surrrrrrre so i said ok and went on a hunt for some new materials for the scrap room and bought all the jasmine stuff  from bo bunny oh how i love that color purple : ) cant wait for it to come to the door oh boy time to buy tv dinners my boys wont see me for a few days lol ughh i cant wait maybe it will give me some inspiration  oh P.S poochie is great they stiched up his nail and gave him a pain shot and antibiotic and back to his distrucktive self : 0

a surprise for my sis

well yesterday was a eventful one it was my sis's bday and i wanted to do something special for her since in dec she's leaving for japan! so i took her an my baby sis out for a girls day out we got mani's and pedi's and i got pink camo nails lol there so me and coffee to kill some time so the guys can get stuff done. well while we were out i got my hubby n hers together to decorate the house for a surprise party!  and i went all out on decorations! i stopped at party city and got princess party supplys and told them to transform the house and she wasnt expecting it at  all she thought she was juss gunna get her nails done then cook for us well that was not going to happen. my heart melted when she walked in and the boys really went all out was way better than i thought they would do wall to wall streamers balloons and decorations her hubby made the cake and she walked in and mind u shes 8 mo pg so things got a lil emotional but im soo happy i can give her that!!!! ill post pix later

heart breake in washington!

my sis just gave me the big news! she leaves for japan in 6 months.[:'(]. i knew it could happen. me and my hubby has pcsed. i'm a  army wife why does this news send me into schock?  but it kinda hurts my sisters n i are best friends. we have been tight all our lives i guess thats do to growing up army brats and all we had most the time was each other. never staying one place longer than 3 years and then being up rooted. but now as adults it shocks me that 2 outa 4 of us has choose that life for our self and sam the baby still hasnt got that far yet. but we come from a long line of service men and even my grandma was a wac in wwll but my sis has been my shelter in the storm and my back bone when chris (my hubby) got blown up in iraq and now the air force is saying i have to live with out her for 3 yrs i know there are visits and all but im going to miss so much my sis is due to have her second baby aug 1 so i get to meet him love him for a moment then say see you later and oh my lil nickie who is named after me she named him nickolas cause my mid name is nicole and loosing him will hurt the most he is the one who named me imma cause he couldnt say my name he is very special to me uggghh i wanna cry [:'(]

omg ... what fun i had !!!!

ok i know its tuesday but i wanted to tell all my scrappin friends what fun this was !!! i held my very first scrap your pants off party i had twenty lady friends over all armed with there books and brought tons of supplys to share and omg i never in my life had sooooo much fun scraping ! and i love scrappin this is a must do if you havent and can you would love it i pulled out the pick nick table the boys went fishin and went to scrappin chatting and lost all since of time the last few of the ladys got here around ten in the morn and the last didnt leave till about seven  and were already planning the next  wonder whos house it will be at were gunna stick all our names in a hat n pull !! i got a few new pages done and loved how they look!  but i dono do i take a pix or scan? cause they have so much detail and i put them up by taking a pic  and you really cant see the detail and colors as well as you can  in person


my day has been quite the adventure here in washington started out with a 8 am physical therapy apt with my hubby to work on better mobility in his legs and hip and the weather here was blue skys and a warm breaze here to day for a change so i packed a lunch and head to the park to day and got some great pix of the boys so i think i will get to scrapin a new page after i clean the kitchen cause the dog done tracked in some dirt from the yard and we have hard wood floors in the kitchen in an dinner room so as you can imagine i have lil doggie prints every where and i have some dishes from the lunch i made n i got to dust but other than that not much todo today we got our son a wii for his birthday in feb and well he wants me to figure out how to download these game from the wii online so i might do that to i dono oh  i want to thank the ladys who commented me on the first two blogs and a huge thanks for listening to me vent i had a real bad day the other day and im still pretty new to her and dont really know many ladys well and it ment alot for you to just listen and comment so huge hugs and thanks

here goes number 2 ... dot dotty daaa

well i have never been real good about journaling so bear with me Smile have you ever had those moments that just dont make any since to you well thats what happened to me today... mu husband has been home six months now and is recovering wonderfuly and looking better every day and we got a call from his platoon sgt and he told my husband he is moving him to the baracks for those who dont know what  that is it like a dorm room in college. but any ways i cant understand his reasoning my husband came home broken bruised and missing a finger and two that were reattached a broken pelvic bone hip and feemer and so on ... and 1st degree burns to his face and arms and hands so needless to say he couldnt use his hands bearly walked and he was fine being home with my care. because no one wanted to do it there. they sent him home 6 days after getting blown up and basicly left him in my care. 2 days later they put him in this thing called the wtb where hurt soldiers are put to heal and told his main mission now is to heal.. sooo thats where the confusion starts because my huband broken and all 2 day after getting state side is thrown into 6 hour lines to get his aids tests and paper work done and shots from being in a different country and then for 4 months he is doing on line classes and yes i was by his side i became his hands so i was there all the way  and things just went on and on and a few doc apts got tossed in there to remove shrapnal and surgey consalts but the stupid things they had us doing was so dumb by far... but getting back to that story they told my husband they want him out of his own home and in the baracks beecause he has acute sleep apnia do to the blast from the bomb shattering his sinus cavity and i cant understand why does it make since i mean really i nursed my husband back to what he is and they found anouther way to jurk him around ... some time i just hate the armys crap! oh by the way so when his platoon sargent called my husband started yelling just send me back to iraq because getting blown up was easier than dealing with you .... ugggg sorry to vent i just need to get this off my chest ... this is why i love to scrap because you capture all those beautiful moments so when u just wanna yell u can smile and remember

hummm .... my first blog

My name is kimmie but every one calls me imma. the name came from my nephew nickie who is named after me cause my middle name is nicole i live in this place they call a state when i think is should be redefined as a wet land Embarrassed (washington) but i guess its only my opinion but any ways im a ARMY wife and a MOMMY to a six yr old lil boy and i have to wonderful doggys ray n bella recently i had my heart ripped from my chest when i got the worst news any army wife could get they told me my husband was killed in iraq by a road side bomb it was the worst five hours of my life ... sound bad but there is more five hours later his company comander called told me he was very much alive and in icu and on a resperator but alive still shocking news but better news i cant explain the feeling of reliefe and dread that i went threw in just five hours but he is home now and thats how we ended up here in the wet lands hehe