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Instax???!!!!! Help.


Love the look of the instax photos! I know nothing about this camera. ANY info pertaining to the cameras or pictures would be much appreciated! Price? Are there a variety to choose from? Film and price? Quality? ANYTHING!

Thank you in advance for any and all information!

Happy Scrappin'


Anyone blog?

Hey scrappers!

Just interested in fellow bloggers. Do any CK Club Members contribute to other blogs???


Happy Scrappin


Expiry ??


I have not posted in awhile (blog or pages)... been crazy busy. But I just noticed that my expiry date has changed from Febuary - August. Is this a special offer I was not aware of... or will I be charged extra????


I need help!

I need help!

Here is why.... my scrap room is a disaster (understatement)! Plain and simple.... I need some fabulous (&cheap) quick fixes for the chaos I have caused.

No restrictions (other than the cheap part)... just bring on the suggestions! Come Monday, maybe *hopefully* my chaos just wont be anymore!



Copic Markers

So..... I just couldn't resist ....  I have given in! I have recently purchased a few copic markers. I bought some colours for specific stamps but I cant use them that often *tear*. I have some PurpleViolet ones and Green/Blue ones.

I need/want more... lol!

Any suggestions on a good starter set, other than the sets that you can buy? Like maybe 5-6 colours I could buy that would be useful??? I am aware this will put a dent in my wallet *tear*.

Thx. Dany


Wow! Impressed with the information I got in my last post. The ideas should keep me busy for a few days, lol.

With that said, I decided to ask another question hoping I get the same kind of responses : ) As much as my mind is always in creative mode, it's nice to get some new fresh ideas.

I have quite the collection of scrap paper and want to use it up! I refuse to just get rid of it. Any wonderful, creative tips out there for me to use up my scraps?

Happy Scrappin!  

Colouring in stamps

First off I received my first CK issue of my subscription in the mail this week! How exciting :)

Secondly, does anyone have any good tips for colouring in stamps? I have the watercolour pencils and need some tips to really give them that WOW effect!