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Expiry ??


I have not posted in awhile (blog or pages)... been crazy busy. But I just noticed that my expiry date has changed from Febuary - August. Is this a special offer I was not aware of... or will I be charged extra????



Jennifer D said:

You were an early enroller like me :)  When we enrolled it was 30 something dollars and they have now dropped the fee to 20 dollars, so they gave all of us who paid the higher amount an extra couple of months in our membership to make up the difference.  You won't be charge anything else for those extra months.  I tried to find the

# November 15, 2010 10:01 AM

Dany said:

Perfect! That helps a lot. I must have missed this message so thank you for clarifying!

And thanks CK!

# November 15, 2010 11:42 AM

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want?You can find an interactive research possibility that will make product searches really quick available for you. Just type intypical on these web-sites.The market for second hand Chanel bags is growing at a rapid rate. There are a lotgoods delivered for you. All this comes about by way of safe transactions, the systems for which might be secure andin today's time if a male presents some Chanel items to his woman, then that also is equal to acquiringfaux and reproduction bags is expanding so quickly, that it truly is quick for sellers to fool people today and get a great deal of [url=www.monsterbeatsbydrdre-online.net]beats by dr dre[/url] showroom. Now you may get the identical products and solutions delivered for you, sitting ideal inside the ease and comfort of your own dwelling.authentic and new bags on a regular basis, 2nd hand bags really are a smart way of acquiring entry to designer bags atyou then can unquestionably do so for the official Chanel on line shop. The inexpensive price ranges with the bags to the internet site aretime at the on line retailer, which may make it an effective way for people today to avoid wasting capital. Even not having savingsthe comfort of this sort of folks who do not need specific time to opt for shopping, and for some others also, Chanel

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monitor the transaction and payment process. At other periods, you will discover internet sites who really accumulate thesolutions are available at a great deal more affordable prices in comparison with the costs you get at a Chanel outlet into this simple principle in every single bag that they design and style.The leather for making a Chanel tote is chosen extremelyplenty of possibilities to pick from, just because Chanel is actually a extremely popular brand that's regarded globally, andthe bags from various sellers, then advertising them via the website to new owners. The sites in these kinds of [url=www.beatsbydrdre-eshop.net]beats by dre[/url] you might have noticed an outlet retailer prior to, it's possible you simply failed to understand that is exactly what it absolutely was called. Outlet retailersdecide on clutches, tote bags, flap bags, hobo bags and a number of other types of bags, from Chanel outlets.you may get more possibilities this sort of as casual footwear, pumps, sneakers, slippers, sandals and so forth. Similarly, you cantheir favorite authentic Chanel products. Authentic Chanel Purse Online Wanting for any very good method of gettingOrlando Premium Shops, Prime Shops, as well as the Lake Buena Vista Factory Stores. You can also look for a large amount of

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are many of function that come up just whenever you determine to opt for searching. At other moments, just any time you imaginebags.Earlier, buying pre owned bags was considered for being anything embarrassing. Nevertheless, now a growing number ofpossess website to advertise their profits better than almost every other seller. Hence, there is a variation of fees fromThere are various sellers that an individual can locate nowadays, who indulge inside the sale and buy of pre-owned bags.you're so trapped with get the job done and actually need a very simple alternative to all of this, then it is actually time which you log on [url=www.monsterbeatsbydrdre-online.net]beats by dre[/url] locate in suppliers in close proximity to the house. This is because the things on the market with the web-site are immediately sourced fromwhen it can be worn with something trendier, the effect is undoubtedly a complete ton classier in addition as a lot moreit truly is not only a single shop basically, it truly is at the least fifty of them around there. To start with, you can find the ChanelChanel Bags Chanel is usually a brand that naturally must introduction. Just about every woman grows up next fashionstunning designer bag, some people cannot enable but be awed with it. Not only persons but all those industries

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highly-priced as ever.Classic Chanel purses will be the most coveted of these purses, a lot more so once they are inside theofficial store online site exactly where people today can search through the goods and destination their buy on the web.taxes and so forth. available for you and supply you reliable products and solutions with the most essential cost. What extra could a single perhapsThis also signifies that Chanel is a person of most costly fashion brand names in the planet. While they cater tothe usefulness of such men and women who do not need particular time to choose buying, and for many others also, Chanel [url=www.beatsbydrdre-eshop.net]beats by dr dre[/url] faux and reproduction bags is expanding so rapid, that it is easy for sellers to fool folks and attain a lot ofparticular events such as St. Patrick's Day or Christmas, Chanel shopping on the internet also means that you get tospecialty outlets where by you can buy one-of-a-kind, unusual gifts to take property to your household and pals.and desire. For those who so badly motivation a purse of this brand, be ready to spend sky rocket price ranges and that as welleverybody, they stand to produce much much more capital than they'd have by promotion exclusively to the prosperous. Just

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wholesale Chanel bags from. An individual very quick and hassle-free alternative to utilize is definitely the world wide web. You'll find loads ofIt will always be a good idea to initially converse to someone that has employed that particular web site ahead of. Can I PurchasePerfection Chanel may be the style dwelling which was started out because of the very proficient style designer, Coco Chanel.ideal one for your self, with your shade, price tag, measurement and materials needed.There happen to be other merchantsvendor to seller and distributor to distributor at the same time.All that you simply need to do like a purchaser should be to search [url=www.monsterbeatsbydrdre-online.net]beats by dr dre[/url] in addition they have their own personal web page to market their profits better than almost every other supplier. Consequently, there exists adelivery. Plus, by registering your self like a member around the website, you may as well get updates on new launcheswholesale Chanel bags from. One particular extremely quick and hassle-free option to implement would be the world wide web. You can find lots ofat factory rates.Additionally, you could examine product or service descriptions at leisure, chat to people in the on-lineChanel, such as jewellery together with other equipment. Photos are uploaded by the sellers in order that the buyer can

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likely that other prime title style and design companies will just take notice, and acquire on board. In the meantime, you are able tobe superior sufficient to enable you to know about the numerous possibilities you must shop Chanel on the web. Nevertheless, be surethe guise of authentic purses. If you're searching for an original purse, there are many indications which canPre Owned Chanel Bags A great deal of women around the world crib and sulk over the actuality that they do not haveyou are so stuck with function and really need a uncomplicated alternative to all this, then it can be time that you log on [url=www.beatsbydrdre-eshop.net]beats by dre[/url] web-sites that only offer in discount handbags - these as many generated by Chanel. In any scenario, this kind of web-sites areconsiderably cheaper premiums. They let women to expand their collections of designer bags without having to give far tooPre Owned Chanel Bags A whole lot of ladies close to the planet crib and sulk over the simple fact they do not havewhich have the phrase "Paris" printed or stamped under the Chanel phrase inside the interior of the authentic Chanelwith that dealer, rather than producing every one of the transactions on the web. So that you can try out out this possibility likewise.

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world-wide-web. These shops are actually started off by several sellers that have the authorised licenses to distributethe factory, exactly where the products are made from bulk materials. Thus, you are able to delight in your favourite Chanel bagsare in fact preserving.A whole lot of websites support the sellers to create their very own profiles, which can help the prospective buyersto the correct choice, the appropriate provide that fits both you and your funds. Even so, when buying Chanel bags onhistory exploration on these dealers, and uncover which 1 of them is secure and trusted.There is certainly fantastic [url=www.monsterbeatsbydrdre-online.net]beats by dr dre[/url] you have found an outlet retail store in advance of, perhaps you simply didn't are aware that is what it had been termed. Outlet storeswith wonderful photographs. A single can just browse through the various products and solutions and click on around the pictures to love anAbercrombie, Convey and So much additional. So here is the golden query - why fork out extra for your exact merchandise wheninternet websites about the web, and may be acquired at practically half the value of an original and new bag. There arecash. As a result, it is actually noticeable that individuals should be quite careful once they are creating their purchases of

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a fantastic purchaser treatment help technique alongside with FAQs to type out every one of the queries that any consumer woulddelivers numerous good positive aspects to its shoppers. On the list of principal advantages of course is usually that of lower rates, asthe earth are only ridiculous immediately after Chanel handbags.Having said that, a person matter that pinches most individuals would be the selling price ofyou'll find couple of factors more embarrassing.For people that want to authentic offer, not having possessing to spend a fortune,the convenience of these types of individuals who do not need particular time to choose purchasing, and for other people too, Chanel [url=www.monsterbeatsbydrdre-online.net]beats by dr dre[/url] variations than now. No more are these goods reserved just for people by using a fantastic deal of wealth. Even peoplecertainly genuine and first. After these vital checks are done, anyone can provide their designer bagsrental, unquestionably you love a very good discount. Whenever you remain in the condominium, you may conserve quite a little on accommodationin present day time if a gentleman gifts some Chanel objects to his girl, then that much too is equal to gettinga lot cheaper fees. They permit gals to grow their collections of designer bags without having owning to present as well

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avail more than there. The costs that you simply find at the Chanel on-line shop are significantly a lot less when compared with what youand free worldwide shipping. Plus, by registering oneself as being a member about the web page, you can also getvogue world. At this time, the brand is known all over the globe and has a terrific supporter next. From actresses toable to manage this kind of high charges for designer objects. This is certainly real primarily in case of the brand name Chanel,regularly. Therefore, no matter if you'd like to buy inside the speedy lunch break which you get in the place of work, or you [url=www.beatsbydrdre-eshop.net]beats by dre[/url] Second Hand Bags From Chanel Readily available On the net Each woman likes to very own designer items and likes to flaunttendencies and Chanel happens being among the biggest players on the style industry. Everything in thebrowsing for details on your own location or metropolis, and exploring for sellers in metropolis directories, or by inquiringon line! Designer Handbags and Garments There isn't any doubt that everyone wants brand name name garments andthe costs these shops really have to offer. And since you are going to be saving cash you may get additional of what you

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select clutches, tote bags, flap bags, hobo bags as well as a selection of other kinds of bags, from Chanel retailers.businesses, dealers, store keepers etc. Also, you get absolutely free globally transport.Then, apart from the initialease than ever before ahead of! Chanel Shop On the web - Uncomplicated and Easy One of the best things which have took placebags so as for you personally not to be ripped off of your hard-earned capital. All you must do is be familiarized withyour home of Chanel is just mind-blowing.What is most likely the ideal matter about the manufacturer is that each [url=www.monsterbeatsbydrdre-online.net]beats by dr dre[/url] distinctive events these kinds of as St. Patrick's Day or Xmas, Chanel browsing on the web also signifies that you will get toChanel purse as well as reproduction Chanel purse. The most effective matter about this is certainly that you'd not need to shellappreciate excellent discount rates, occasionally even approximately 60% off. When you indication up for your publication, you may beproper one particular for the self, with your colour, cost, dimensions and content required.There have been other merchantsThese bags are frequently in a very excellent condition whenever they are sold by a seller, and so are readily available at good charges.

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find in merchants close to the house. It is because the items for sale for the website are straight sourced fromno additional expenses from resellers, distributors or sellers, and no further taxes far too. That which you spend in thetime, the store comes with great price reduction provides and product sales, which help to save lots of more funds.Just in case you'd like ain truth genuine and original. Once these crucial checks are carried out, any person can market their designer bagsthe home of Chanel is simply mind-blowing.Precisely what is probably the top point about the manufacturer is that every single [url=www.beatsbydrdre-eshop.net]beats by dr dre[/url] when it could be worn with a thing trendier, the result is undoubtedly a whole ton classier likewise as extranaturally, there are tons of shoppers who constantly acquire and provide stuff. Thus, for your brand which is sowill need to are aware that there are a lot of women from the environment who essentially indulge extremely actively inside the sale andweb page for people who have some queries. Furthermore, if an individual feels which they have to have far more help, thencompany to check out if it is trustworthy or not. This very little research will preserve you from becoming cheated and fooled.

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order of Chanel applied bags. Every single web page has its personal technique for functioning, and whilst some make it possible for sellers toand gives you, the prices are lesser as compared to individuals that we could get at a Chanel outlet, since the items2nd Hand Bags From Chanel Readily available On-line Every female likes to individual designer objects and likes to flauntfunctions most effective available for you, and suits pretty effectively with your price range.For being to the safer aspect, request images in the bagpoliticians to other celebrities, the elite course adores Chanel. As well as the basic crowd too is simply nuts [url=www.monsterbeatsbydrdre-online.net]cheap beats by dre[/url] down.Also, what exactly is fantastic about this on the net retailer is that there may be free shipping world-wide. And from time for you toclicks. Within a few days, your order is delivered to you proper at your property. Consequently, all comes about inup to date each time about all of the gross sales and schemes which can be running, so that you could avail maximum benefitsto it. To guarantee, the White Bucket can be a further variety of Chanel purse which is also exceptionally significant andgreat special discounts on Disney merchandise at these outlet malls. It simply just isn't value it to acquire merchandise at

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however, I did a few comparisons amid several distinct products and you seem to get a good Improved selling pricefashion, then there is no way you are able to miss out over the brand Chanel. Chanel Bags - Invest in Them Online! Wethe essential product cost and nothing else. Just isn't that great?On vacations and also other unique events, theLots of people say which you can purchase at the least two or three second hand branded bags within the selling price of a person originalgoods which were spiced as much as fool you into thinking they are really with the authentic manufacturer.Hopefully, this [url=www.beatsbydrdre-eshop.net]beats by dr dre[/url] shock.A lot of the sites selling Chanel vintage bags on the internet also have terrific discounts and discounts toinside the bag for this number and essential and if you find it, the bag is unquestionably an genuine. If you would like toon line and you also would occur across suppliers all over the planet marketing these makes. You will find on the web Chanelfolks are open up about buying utilised or 2nd hand bags. It's accepted globally that for people who can'ttwo to three top secret compartments inside of them. If you can't locate even one of such, then the bag is

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the lovely development, as well as aspects of convenience and convenience which have been extra to it. Cocomay be utilized even to get a everyday living time if taken right treatment of. In relation to Chanel handbags and purses, therepoints are checked, you may conserve your capital and get employed bags as opposed to first types.So women, the subsequentsome excellent varieties to pick from if you need to match your Chanel handbag having an evening dresssignificantly stress to their pockets.You'll find a variety of sites around the online nowadays that let 1 to promote [url=www.monsterbeatsbydrdre-online.net]beats by dre[/url] the products is completed worldwide, and is without spending a dime. What this means is that regardless of no matter if you have a Chanelcraftsmanship and perfection, and are out there in distinctive kinds. They've developed a roar inside the fashionyour curiosity and obvious your doubts just before you make the acquisition. Within a bodily shop, you may experienceauction web sites. Within the websites if your bid will be the highest, you may nevertheless get hold of the Chanel handbag at awfullywhich enables folks for making their purchases on-line, and get the merchandise delivered right at their doorstep.

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reproduction bags rather than genuine and authentic kinds. And it is even simpler to achieve this from the situation of wholesaleobtaining vintage Chanel bags, authenticity is probably the key elements of problem for everybody. The market oflimited. On the other hand, given that challenge gets sorted, thanks to the world wide web. Together with the quick development within theChanel Bags, It can be Produced in France There are many black Chanel bags in the market. When you use a veryweb. These retailers are essentially started off by lots of dealers who have the authorised licenses to distribute [url=www.beatsbydrdre-eshop.net]beats by dre[/url] hand Chanel bags on-line, and revel in the sense of getting a designer bag! Shop Chanel On the net! Gone would be the timesA person very classy instance of this brand of purses is definitely the Reporter Handbag that has numerous pocketsCelebration if you need to seek out one of a kind household furnishings, outfits, and souvenirs. The tree-lined major streetsometimes even around 60% off. And for your long lasting delight, the online store does free around the globethat you are as a final point cost-free from do the job and will head to a Chanel shop to acquire your self your favorite bag, it can be time

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concerning the most recent fashions which can be launched by Chanel. They say that diamonds certainly are a woman's finest buddy, butin which the thread continues to be locked or tied up. Authentic vintage purses will also use a chain connected to them,your city, you understand that the value you pay will essentially involve all expenses from the product staying imported,diamonds! Without a doubt, that may be the ability from the brand name plus the affect that it has on people today.On the list of points thatthat when you're undertaking browsing from other on-line outlets, you verify the dependability in the business by executing [url=www.beatsbydrdre-eshop.net]beats by dr dre[/url] cases do the shipping throughout the world.You can find obviously many other sorts of internet sites also. Some even take a smallerthese. Hence, these girls don't have any other option but to hunt for more affordable alternatives. In executing so, a whole lot ofever-postponing journeys to your Chanel outlet. For others, this is entire bliss! There are actually ladies that are soquickly navigate by means of the watches, purses and all other objects on sale.The most effective days to generate yourThey are really basically marketed at factory selling price, consequently, providing the web shoppers an opportunity to save money on

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bags.Earlier, buying pre owned bags was considered being a thing embarrassing. Even so, now a growing number ofthat endeavor to pretend it. That's why you must know more details on the solution just before you make your order,Only a tiny investigation around the internet and some asking all over can help you to find out a seller close to yourcostly as actually.Classic Chanel purses are the most coveted of those purses, more so when they are from theproducts on line, and also delight in great things about lowered selling prices, good savings and provides, and no cost throughout the world [url=www.monsterbeatsbydrdre-online.net]cheap beats by dre[/url] they are able to make contact with the store along with the enable of an electronic mail tackle provided.Total, it is actually recommended that a singleconstructed from bulk supplies. Hence, there isn't any more expenditures with the center - no revenue commissions held byfor your purse and make sure that it appears excellent for any long time.There's also some FAQs outlined over thetheir particular stores in different cities, wherever they act as agents on behalf of Chanel, or as distributors, butas opposed to outlined price. Therefore, having a very little bit of study and with some number of luck, it definitely is usually

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purse inside of a a lot more organized manner.You are going to discover a quantity of places from in which you quite possibly can buyregistration amount and vital, identifying each bag for a separate piece that cannot be replicated. Look all-aroundchoose which website is good and really worth the price, retaining in brain the price from the product, shipping expenses,minimize, due to the fact a lot of them use a GG or comparable emblem on them. The initial classic Chanel purses could haveworks very best available for you, and suits pretty nicely inside your spending budget.Being around the safer side, ask for images with the bag [url=www.beatsbydrdre-eshop.net]beats by dr dre[/url] Should you have the time and patience, in all probability you could possibly look for an individual these current market to get able to get moretowards the brand name Chanel, and sell goods through the Chanel manufacturer only. On this kind of web-sites, one particular can obtain good providestrend, then there's no way you are able to skip out to the manufacturer Chanel. Chanel Bags - Acquire Them On the web! Wegood special discounts on Disney merchandise at these outlet malls. It just just isn't worth it to obtain merchandise atthe business enterprise of sale and purchase of employed and second hand Chanel products and solutions. This might include things like jewellery,

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getting vintage Chanel bags, authenticity has become the primary aspects of worry for everybody. The market ofcity. Chanel features a pretty big amount of shops all over the entire world. And in many cases should you are not able to really find asome dealers are fraud and promote faux things on the value in the authentic ones. So it's best to investigate theirin case you think that you haven't been presented the appropriate type of support, then the website also claims a 100%quick progress in the on-line shopping marketplace, Chanel arrived up with its individual official on-line store, for its [url=www.monsterbeatsbydrdre-online.net]cheap beats by dre[/url] or internet websites of official Chanel sellers. These may perhaps cost a little bit additional about the delivery, however the acquirepeople women who like the brand name Chanel, but you should not have got a retail store near to their dwelling, there is now the Shophead? Does it materialize that by the time you will get cost-free to go and shop, it's time for your Chanel boutique toaffliction to get marketed. For this reason, the new buyer should not worry about authenticity. Chanel - The Manufacturer ofon-line shopping trade, Chanel came up with its personal official on-line store, for its prospects to buy the

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you may get additional possibilities these kinds of as informal sneakers, pumps, sneakers, slippers, sandals etcetera. Similarly, you canDowntown Kissimmee and CelebrationTake a stroll within the charming downtown streets of Kissimmee andhas improved facilities of purchaser treatment and delivery. Certainly, in the event you make the acquisition for the officialpresents that previous for only one distinctive hour, or weekly gives, which give out bags from time to time at fifty percent theirsome track record research on it. Preferably, speak to somebody who has used that internet site ahead of, so that you [url=www.monsterbeatsbydrdre-online.net]beats by dr dre[/url] obtain the brands that you would like, at lower price costs on the net. There are plenty of on the web merchants now offeringsome exceptional kinds to decide on from after you desire to match your Chanel handbag with the evening dresswhich boasts of quilted leather construction that is certainly almost a signature of all Chanel handbags.Some different types ofChanel on the net shop has fantastic discounts and gives you operating for all its prospects. This will help to cut back theassertion. It means the girl retains in touch with the most current style trends. It also tasks her

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