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6 secrets of perfect stamping

If your stamped images aren't turning out as perfectly as you'd like, read these tips for an instant improvement!


1. Use the right kind of ink for the job

Knowing what kind of ink will work well on the surface you're stamping on is the first step to clear, crisp images that won't smear. Check out our stamping glossary to learn more about different types of inks.

2. Fully ink the image

Unless your goal is a distressed or fuzzy image, verify your stamp is fully inked before stamping your image. Use a brayer to help you ink large surfaces.


3. Don't guess on placement; use your tools

Use gridlines on acrylic blocks to help you line up multiple clear stamps and perfectly place your images, or, if you're using a rubber stamp, reach for a stamp positioner.

4. Stamp straight down; lift straight up

It sounds like a no-brainer, but many of us have the tendency to rock our stamps when we place them on our cardstock or lift them up. Practice stamping in a straight down, straight up motion to create clear stamped images without that annoying "halo" effect.


5. Clean your stamps

When you're quickly moving from one fabulous creative idea to the next, it can be hard to remember to clean your stamps. But if you do, they'll last longer, accept ink more readily, and stamp cleaner images.

6. Condition your stamps

If you aren't happy with the quality of your stamped images, try going over the surface of your stamp with a large eraser in order to give your ink a little texture to grip to. This is especially effective with larger stamps, and it works on both clear and rubber varieties to give you crisper images.


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